Do You Use Social Media To Fool Others?

Over the years, I have written a number of articles that deal with the impact of social media on the world, and one of the effects that came to mind recently is how easy it was for a person to deceive their so-called “friends”. This can be done by downloading only some photos and editing the photos they download.

Then there will be what really happens in their lives and then there will be the way they will make themselves known to others. And while there may be times when the difference is quite insignificant, there may be times when it is similar to the difference between day and night.

A blanket

Uploading only some photos and making significant changes to the photos they share may allow them not only to create a certain image, but also to receive approval from their “friends”. They may believe that if they shared pictures where they were doing normal things and didn’t look perfect, it wouldn’t happen.

Or if they received “friends” and “comments” from other people, they would not receive the same amount. In addition, by being caught up in how they are perceived and their need for approval, they may not be aware of the impact their behaviour has on others.

It is normal

There are probably people who see the life they seem to be living and end up feeling depressed and even envious. This does not mean that someone should play small in life in order not to have a negative effect on others; however, there is clearly a difference between living a fulfilling life and giving the impression that this is the case.

Yet, even if someone leads a fulfilling life, it doesn’t mean that they will do something exciting every day or that they will always take pictures where they look like a celebrity from an airbrush photo shoot. In addition, if someone leads a fulfilling life, they may be too busy living their lives to spend so much time managing their identity on social media.

Two parts

It is interesting to note that not only can other people adhere to the illusion they have created, but they can also adhere to the illusion that other people create. People who see their profile may feel the need to create an even greater illusion to follow them, and they may have the same need after seeing the illusions that other people have created.

And the more time someone spends trying to create the perfect life online, the less time they will have to create a satisfying life offline. They will focus on the pleasure of others rather than their own.

Final thoughts

It’s easy to fall into this social media trap and lose sight of what really matters in life, like connecting with others and making a difference. When someone gives the impression of living a perfect life, he can create more space between himself and others, and he can become totally absorbed by himself, making it more difficult for him to extend himself to others.


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