The details that go into the effort in making sure a home looks good is often overlooked. So, if you are someone who wants an excellent outcome, you must know more about the right paint that best fits on the wall you have in your home. 


There are certain paints that go well with certain walls thus the properties in the paint involved should also be part of the consideration in order to grasp an outcome that will hit both function as well as appeal. 

Each wall has different finish. Some walls may have a flat finish while others may be satin.  

To make sure you choose the right paint that will go well with the wall in your home, here are some different types of paint to help you choose from. 

  1. Distemper

Distemper is a type of paint that always goes well with the majority of every homeowner’s budget. Distemper is also famous not only because it is an affordable paint option but because it has been present even as long ago as ancient Egypt. Through the years, it has not been left behind because it also improved and evolved.  

There are two common distemper paint types namely oil-based distemper and dry distemper. If you have a property that you use for business or rental, dry distemper is a wise option. It provides a finish which is smooth compared to other paint however it is not as durable. Oil-based distemper on the other hand is better when it comes to longevity compared to dry distemper. The downside of oil-based distemper though is its lingering odor due to the solvent used in it. Oil-based is widely used in industrial setup. 

  1. Emulsion

When it comes to painting the interior walls of homes, emulsion is of highest rank on the list of paint options. Compared to odor problems with oil-based distemper, emulsion is water-based that’s why you will not be having any odor issues with it. Compared to longevity and durability, emulsion also stand better with distemper.  

If you want to achieve a satin finish, or you are going for a silk or matte, emulsion is definitely the best option for you.  

  1. Luster

Luster is for the homeowners who enjoy a bit of sheen on their walls. Luster brings a shimmer or shine and provides a great smooth finish if you apply it on your walls. This is also durable because like oil-based distemper it is solvent based. The downside of luster paint is the same with oil-based distemper. Since both paint types are solvent-based, there is a lingering odor that it leaves behind. However, it is great if you want a wall that is quite resistant to stain. 

The good news is, there is a variant of luster paint that is odorless as well as durable. So, if ever you want a bit of gleam or shine, go for the odorless instead so you can get rid of odor issues. 

Choosing paint can be tricky however if you just determine what works for you, it can be a bearable and possible process. Looking for people to help you paint your walls excellently? Painters Vacaville CA offers painting services to make sure you have a flawless painting outcome. To set an appointment, simply visit their website