Any room does not necessarily need to have thousands of square footages to feel bigger. With the help of the following painting hacks, you can turn even the most minor areas to appear more spacious than ever. Keep on reading for more:  



Many painting hacks that can make any room appear spacious involve selecting the correct paint for the suitable space. Though no color can fit all room types, here are the following principles that you can base as you choose your paint products:  

  • Glossy Paint – To achieve a reflected light together with the color itself, you can choose to utilize a paint’s finish. Keep in mind that the higher the sheen is, the more reflective its surface will be. Higher-sheen colors can make any room appear more open. However, it can provide a dramatic look. Hence, it’s best to carefully consider this before deciding whether you want to utilize it for your walls. A lot of homeowners choose a semi-gloss or eggshell finish instead.   
  • Light Colors – As you maximize the light in a room, the area tends to feel more open and more extensive. To do so, a lot of homeowners who want to make their rooms appear more spacious use paint with brighter colors that can reflect light. Though white works great, you can also consider using colors like grey, beige, or pastels like blush or yellow.   


As you paint a room, there are times when you only concentrate on the walls and forget about painting your ceilings. However, be careful as you paint your ceilings because it could make it appear further or away from you, making a room feel either bigger or smaller. If you’re not confident to do it yourself, we recommend hiring the best painters San Jose instead.   


As you paint the walls some colors other than white, consider painting the ceilings that color as well. If you do so, you can draw the observer’s eye upward, making the ceiling seem higher. Other painting professionals suggest homeowners choose similar colors but 20 percent lighter. This slight change will make the ceiling look higher without losing the matching and seamless appearance.   


Like making the wall and ceiling match, you can also give the same eye-catching function by painting contrasting wall and ceiling colors. Once you paint a darker color on your ceiling compared to walls, it can make your room feel smaller because your ceiling will feel closer. However, when you paint your ceiling a lighter color compared to the walls, it can make the room appear bigger, even when you’re using dark color schemes on the walls.   


When it comes to ceilings, don’t limit yourselves to trying out other colors aside from solid colors, especially if you want to direct your visitor’s eyes upward. You can either go bold or subtle as you paint a stylized ceiling. You can also paint designs that can highlight your lighting fixtures or paint simple geometric or stripe patterns.