Are you looking for a more finished and usable space? Perhaps you’re tired of the outdoor elements coming in through your drafty and thin walls. If that is the case, drywall is the solution you’re looking for.  

Drywall installation is affordable. It’s also convenient and quick. It can offer homeowners a couple of excellent safety and health features.  

There are tons of benefits you’ll get with drywall. This is particularly true if you consider its price. Before you hire a drywall repair San Mateo CA contractor, here are several reasons why you should consider using drywall for your home: 

Tons of Finishing Choices 

Drywall creates a smooth, polished appearance. It gives you a finished room that’s ready to decorate. Fortunately, drywall serves as the foundation for an almost limitless amount of finishing alternatives. 

Classic, painted walls are one of the top choices. Drywall, once primed and ready to paint, provides a blank canvas on which you can create your own masterpiece. Plus, paint is quite easy to replace, providing you the freedom to vary up your style whenever inspiration strikes. 

Easy to Fix 

Perhaps one of the biggest features of drywall is how easily you can fix it. It can be repaired using a low-cost technique and simple tools. Even major damages can frequently be repaired by focusing on the damaged area. 

Drywall will eventually deteriorate due to general wear and tear. Dents and scratches will occur from time to time, and nail holes may need to be fixed. Lucky for you, these minor flaws in your drywall are easy to correct. 

Your drywall may be as good as new with a little silicone caulk, a putty knife, and sandpaper! Just fill in the gap and allow it dry. Lastly, you need to sand the surface to achieve a clean finish. You can retouch the paint to hide the previous damage.  

Additional Safety Features 

Drywall has a number of health and safety elements built-in. It has the ability to make an area safer and cleaner. You can even select boards that have been designed with extra safety features. 

Adding drywall to your structure can help it resist fire damage. Gypsum, which is used to make drywall, is naturally fire-resistant, and there are boards available with higher fire resistance ratings. Drywall also acts as a barrier, slowing the spread of fires from one room to the next. The drywall boards help to strengthen walls, making it less possible for an area to collapse in the case of a fire. 

Extra Protection Layer 

Drywall acts as an additional barrier between rooms and the outside world. Its thickness makes it an excellent sound and weather barrier. Also, it offers the option of insulating the space. 

Even though drywall boards are small, the impact they can create, especially on an outside wall, may surprise you. Drywall reduces drafts significantly, especially in cold and windy weather. This additional layer would also help you maintain your home’s temperature. The barrier will prevent cooled or heated air from escaping via the outer walls.